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The Book Of Haggai

Thank you for expressing interest in our Haggai Series. This series is meant to give you a verse by verse breakdown of the entire book. As well as prepare you for a study of Zechariah. This entire playlist is available on Youtube, Rumble, and all major Podcast platforms.

As I was preparing to teach thru the book of Zechariah, I thought there was no better introduction than to do a series on the prophecies made by Haggai. Since Haggai and Zechariah were partners in ministry around the time of 520 B.C... Both books contain similar concepts to include the temple as well as the offices of King and Priest which all point toward the great end of all biblical prophecy which is the testimony concerning Jesus Christ (Rev 19:19). I recommended you complete the Daniel Series before this one as the concepts build upon each other. Below are the links to each teaching.

Haggai Complete Commentary
Download PDF • 291KB

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